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The Abundant Universe

Mark on 7-22-2013
”Eddi-on-Flickr” Even though chemtrails poison the sky, and even though our leaders are bleeding us dry, still we are happy, present and prosperous. How is such a thing possible?

Thought Image Emotion

I think we can find the answer in a book written by Henry Thomas Hamblin titled Within You Is the Power (go through the link for a free download of this foundational work) In his book he states that the personal reality is largely a matter of thought, image and emotion. The higher the quality of these elements, the more "happiness" is achieved by the individual. This sounds a lot like the Seth material, don't you think?


So yes, I agree, we create our own realities and even though it appears that the average citizen is being dominated by the naysayers, slowly, relentlessly the Light Workers are creating positive collective power in the world. And we do that by modeling for others the right way to live: with every action for the highest good.

Effectively, that means we absorb everything, including the negative realities, including the environmental atrocities and the injustices against us, and send it back out as Love. With Loving Understanding and Courage to guide us, we forge ahead towards that Tipping Point that Seth talks about in his books. The Positive Manifestation is within our grasp.

Just Say No to the Common Trance

Certainly, what we do NOT do is acquiesce to the prevailing insanity, surrender to the self-appointed authorities at large, and go back to the Common Trance of servitude to sociopaths. No, that script is no longer viable. For people awakening at this time it is necessary to maintain our view of the Abundant Universe, particularly in these times of enforced Lack and austerity, to nurture ourselves and our relationships with others, even while confronting what we see as the problems of the world. We are now busy healing these Issues, quietly, without fanfare, with smiles on our faces and Love in our hearts.

The Common Good

A vision of the Abundant Universe is, of necessity, a personal vision. Each of us must take that voyage alone, away from the herd, away from family and friends, to find the connection to Source. The good news is that when we look for answers from within, the answers come. Then, the focus naturally becomes one of determining what will serve the common good, rather than the ruling authorities. So in spite of the dramatic last throes of the dominators, it becomes possible to manifest a much better world right where we are now. That is what a vision of the Abundant Universe does for us. And we can never go back.

This post is based on Seth's concept of the Abundant Universe that you can read about in his latest books.

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