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Are You an Alien?

Mark on 10-1-2015
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” I find Seth's idea of the "perceptual bleedthrough" to be quite useful. By bleedthrough, Seth is suggesting that you the Reality Creator are capable of momentarily piercing the dimensional veils with your perception.

At these times, you are using your Intuition - your Inner Senses - to pick up on sensory information that exists in other dimensions. Now these dimensions are right there in front of you, right where you are now. They are not Extra-terrestrial, according to Seth. They are dimensions in which your Reincarnational Lives exist, in which the Past and Future exist and dimensions of reality exist that are so different from your mundane world, that you are literally transfixed for that moment, awestruck by what you are experiencing in the bleedthrough.

Piercing the Veils
Now you know that you create your reality in whatever dimension you find yourself. If you are in the Third Dimension of Earth, your reality looks like the one with which you are familiar. It has the mark of your personality on it. It has all of the notable Reality Constructs that you have helped to create. However, if you are experiencing a bleedthrough into the dimensions of your Probable Future, you may find yourself meeting a probable future version of YOU. Perhaps it appears as a very alien version of you, almost as though it was from another planet. Perhaps it has pointed ears, green or blue skin and other anomalies acquired through evolutionary adaptation over many lifetimes.

Accidental or Intentional
Do you see what I'm getting at? These perceptual bleedthroughs can occur spontaneously - out of the blue - or through concerted effort, such as through conducting a Regimen of Awakening, for example: The Accidental Visionary as opposed to the Scientist of Consciousness. Whether by chance or by choice, though, these awakening experiences hold great import for the participant. These events can indeed be life-changing, spinning you off onto a new trajectory of development, helping you to broaden your belief system enough to "hold" the new material.

You are the Messenger
Seth has told us in his new books that we humans often return from the future to observe ourselves at earlier stages of our development. It's a very personal communication. It is inspirational. As your own messenger, you are motivating and inspiring your former self to persist, perhaps, to move forward in spite of obstacles to progress. As you experience the Dark Night of the Soul, for example, and feel that all is lost, you may experience your next moments enthralled in the perceptual bleedthrough to your advanced self. You have asked for assistance and then you receive it.

This is also what the Soul does after death, as Seth describes in his book, Seth on Death and the Afterlife. You return to the Third Dimension of Earth in your Etheric Body for various reasons. Perhaps you need to provide emotional support for friends or family still in the body. Or perhaps you simply desire to experience the physical domain one last time before you move on to other activities. And sometimes people catch you at it and are mystified and surprised that the dead friend or family member has returned.

Seth Returns
In our project with Seth, he is checking in with his earlier selves to give encouragement, inspiration and energy to us in these trying times. In a similar way, when the spiritual practitioner meditates on and receives Guidance, they are in fact receiving answers from their progressed selves. These constructs we call God, Goddess, and so on. This is as personal as it gets. It is a Soul Family affair, as Seth would say.

Sorry Wrong Millennium
Apparently, though, not all of these contact experiences are so personal in nature. Some are not intentional at all, and are accidental breaches of the space/time continuum. According to Seth, these uninvited guests, these visitors from the future, are as surprised to see us as we are to see them. I would put some of the ET contact experiences via UFOs in this category.

The Extra Dimensional Visionary
Another term we might use for these perceptual bleedthroughs is personal vision. As you begin to focus on the little awakenings they become more common. Again, this is the personal belief system expanding. You begin to anticipate more and more of these visions, and so you do increase the frequency of the manifestation. It's a bit like having dual-citizenship. Over time you become fluent in more than one dimensional experience. Then your life gets to be very very interesting...

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