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Connecting with All That Is

by Mark on 12-9-2014
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” A mystic walks into a pizza parlor and says to the chef, "Make me one with everything." The pizza chef replies, "Sorry we are out of everything. We have nothing." The mystic replies, "OK, I'll have that." And so it goes...

The theme for this post is embodiment. The concept is one of my favorites. The way that Seth puts his own personal spin on the topic of embodiment is quite interesting, I think. Let me see if I can "shine some light on the subject," as Seth would say...

Basically, to embody something is to become it. Especially when we speak of attempting to contact the Divine, the Spirits, the Elements, the Angels, and so on, this concept of embodiment is important to consider. As Seth has stated it, "You walk, you talk, you hear, feel and sense in a particular way. You literally ARE what you purport to be."

You and the CUs
And because you are composed of the same elements or energies of which everything else is composed, you may connect with All That Is, or the Divine, or the Gods and Goddesses, by connecting with anyone or anything in your world. The Consciousness Units, Seth's theorized elements of construction that purportedly act as the foundation for all reality constructs - including us humans - are telepathic and holographic, as Seth is quite fond of reminding us. To me, this means that everything is divine, everything is made of the creative elements of All That Is, everything is a potential doorway into Higher Consciousness. Seth seems to point the way to an omnitheistic perspective in his new books. When you are omnitheistic you appreciate the Divine in everything. You can pray to a tree, or a rock, or the sky, and you can feel that connection to your Higher Centers of Awareness.

The Precepts
Seth also describes the activity of embodiment as what the student does when they activate or attempt to manifest through a particular aspect of the Ancient Wisdom messages. His essential Precept, You create your reality, is a foundational statement of the Ancient Wisdom that Seth has articulated over the years. To embody that statement, "I create my reality," really does mean, that the student walks, talks, hears, feels and senses in a particular way: as an empowered creator, as the creator of their Personal Reality Field.

Are you Scared?
But the path holds perceived dangers, things to be afraid of. "What are you afraid of?" That is what I ask myself when I am having difficulties connecting to my Source. The answer is usually what Seth refers to as the fear of the Other: the subconscious, the Unknown Reality, Bad Things in general. Fear is the domain of the subconscious and the Ego/Intellect. The fear is about being swept away to the negative past, into the Abyss, where all sorts of unpleasantries await us. The Ego/Intellect is in charge of maintaining the status quo of unawakened consciousness and will resist your efforts to connect to the Divine.

Worship Works
This begins to sound like the activity of worship generally. Isn't this what people do when they attempt to live a good life by making the Scriptures their own, by embodying those messages? The holy texts of the world religions are embodied by students, in the course of awakening to Higher Consciousness, however that ideal is promised in the favored texts. Courage and Loving Understanding, Seth's prescription for ascension, allow you to make those connections with the Divine and sustain them throughout your life.

The Greater Self Responds
So to connect with All That Is, you are advised to embody that concept. You are advised to walk, to talk, to behave and to completely believe that you are in touch with the Divine, that you ARE the Divine. To quote Seth, "When you connect with your Source, you are experiencing a homecoming of sorts. The amnesia lifts away from you. You feel your integrity as a divine being. You become your Divine Self."

The Divine Self, free of fear, powerful and connected to everything that exists, that is something worth embodying, as of now...

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