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”ePraise ePraise is just like regular praise, except you receive it via eMail, usually, or on one of the Social Media sites. We love our readers and phone clients and we really appreciate it when they say good things about us. Thanx!

"I did hear you and Seth on Coast to Coast AM the other night. When I heard Seth through you I felt that I was hearing an old friend and guide.
Thanks again to you and Seth."

Lee via eMail

"Back in the seventies I was reading the 'Seth' books and when she died I was shocked and dismayed. So when I stumbled upon you on 'Coast to Coast' I was over the moon! I'm now seventy-one and you and Seth are one of the last few comforts I have left in this life and what few blessings I have to give I give to you and Seth...I'll try and save up for a reading that will be my Christmas gift to myself. All the best Mark, from the heart."
Brian via eMail

"Hi, I'm half through reading yours & Cas Smith's book. Until I feel confident that my telepathic skills work, and you can receive, here is what I want to convey in words. Thank you both times infinity. Sending you both so much love, jus xx"
Justine via eMail

"Congratulations. Your books gave me much inspiration for my life. I so hope that there comes more in German the language. Have a nice day! And good vibrations for you!"
Steffan via eMail

"I called you recently because I was upset about a missing picture. You said it was in my house. I didn't believe you. You were right. I have found it. I was sure it had been stolen or that I was losing my mind. Just thought you would like to know."
Phyllis via eMail

"Thank you so much, Mark!
I was exposed to Seth almost 20 years ago and had a hard time grasping his teachings at the time so I put them aside and now I'm revisiting his books. When I 'accidentally' came across a YouTube video of your interview last night, I was curious as I had never heard of Seth being channeled by anyone else. So I went to your website and perused some of your recording samples. I still wasn't fully convinced, so with skepticism I decided to sample this book as I am currently quite curious of 'afterlife', even though so many books are out there that share 'real' experiences."

"I literally received this book about 10 min ago, but the curiosity in me opened it right away and began reading. I'm at the very beginning of the book and I must say, the tone and the energy feels undeniably Seth that I feel when I read his books by Jane Roberts. His energy feels so grounding and limitless that I don't experience with other channeled messages. I am excited that Seth is back with more wisdom to share with us and thank you for being the conduit for what I feel to be incomparable wisdom and knowledge. With warm regards and much gratitude."

Nadine via eMail

"Hi Mark: My name is Monica. I called in on Coast to Coast last night. Thank you for channeling Seth for me. He read as to whether Nathan, who I channel is real or not. Everything was spot on. I really appreciate it. I have more confidence now. Sorry I was such a nervous wreck! Thank you Seth for talking with me last night. We really appreciate it. It means a lot. Sincerely, Monica "
Monica via eMail

"Hi Mark Allen. I bought The Visionary Chronicles and All That Is and glad that I did. I have read the Visionary Chronicles and felt as though it was speaking to me. As you may have noticed my email is I took this name for my email and other things in the 1990's when I first read Seth and learned about the speakers. Even then I was certain I have been a speaker down through the ages but had no idea what to do with it. Things are finally starting to gel for me and I have been researching Seth and the inner knowledge but have not been able to find out much about the speakers. Thanks to your book more is coming to me.
Thank you and thank you Seth."

Richard via eMail

"Dear Mark, Just read your first Seth Returns book. I came across Jane R. back in 1980 at a hotel in Ibiza where a guest had left behind Seth Speaks. I had no idea Seth is back till last month. Many thanks to you and Cas."
Giles via eMail

"Thank goodness Seth came back! Thank you Seth! Mark, I got such a kick out of your life story so far! It brought back so many fact they were pretty much identical to mine! How interesting! Thank you, I enjoyed it so much. I wonder if your later years will echo mine? The new book sounds great! Bye?"
Terry via Newsletter


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