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Everything is Happening

by Mark on 4-1-2015
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” In his Trilogy of books - All That Is, Mystery Civilizations and Soul Mate Soul Family - Seth describes his concept of reality creation. He suggests that All That Is, his term for the Primary Creator Gestalt, expresses itself through what he calls the Spontaneous Expression of All Forms. In other words, everything is happening. All forms, including all humans, exist NOW. Every thing that has existed or will exist exists NOW. Anything that can happen, does happen NOW, in what he calls the "spacious moment."

Practical Aps
This worldview provides for us some very useful perspectives, and thus, realities. For remember, according to Seth, perception CREATES reality. Change your perception and you change your reality. Alter your beliefs - the lenses through which you project your perception into the Third Dimension - and you alter your reality.

All That Is
In his book All That Is, the first book in the Trilogy, Seth emphasizes our direct connection to Earth. We participate in the literal creation of our world in all of our lives. We can explore this connection at any moment through a memory of how we once understood our place in the universe. Here is an excerpt from that book.

Now the power of nature is the power of your system of reality. Your Earth and Sky were formed by the powers of nature, and in the words of your visionaries, the "miracle of creation" was a participatory event. Much in the way that the modern sports enthusiast participates in sporting events by watching and becoming emotionally involved, the magic ancestors participated in the give-and-take of the natural energies as they observed Mother Nature creating the Earth and Sky. We have called this involvement in various gestalts of consciousness "embodiment." This is our modern term for participatory engagement with the Divine, or co-creation as some of you call it.

Mystery Civilizations
In the second book in the Trilogy, Seth continued to emphasize the idea that everything that can happen, does happen. Everything exists extradimensionally, including giants, mythological beings, other civilizations, and so on. Here is an excerpt from Mystery Civilizations.

In your distant historical past, there did indeed exist this race of giant, in your terms, humans. They originated, not within any one specific region of Earth, but, if you can imagine this, in a generalized fashion. Again, it is difficult to explain this process of the simultaneous existence of all forms... You are suspended within the coordinates of a space/time matrix. It is difficult for you to step outside of this matrix - the illusion of linear time - and observe All That Is at it creates everything that can be created, including, you see, gigantic humans. In a sense, you could say that your scientific theories and explanations of human evolution, HOLD YOU BACK, prevent you from witnessing your greater creaturehood.

Soul Mate Soul Family
If everything is happening, if all of our reincarnational existences exist now in our immediate present, we can do some exploring. With the right tuning of frequency, with the correct perspective, we can have immediate access to any one of our countless lives, past, present or future. How could we benefit from a conversation with a future self? How much can be learned by Intending to communicate with the past self of the human in front of us?

Here is an excerpt from Soul Mate Soul Family, the third book in the Trilogy.

How do you Intend? Briefly, you intensely desire to get to the bottom of this intuition you have about a possible Soul Family member, for example. Then you wait to see what arises. You may immediately receive more information on the subject via your Inner Senses. Or later in the day it may occur to you, as in a dream or state of reverie, what the connections are. Then, as you are receiving information, you document it in some form - other than the memory, which can be quite volatile - for later study. From these information streams you gather your data and glean your Findings. A Finding is simply something of value, in this case, something pertaining to Reincarnational Existences of the Soul Family that you did not know before the investigation.

It's spring time here in Lake County California. These days it is quite easy to conceive of everything happening at once. There is so much vibrant life to see out there in the forest that the landscape virtually broadcasts abundance and hope. Have fun in your investigations everybody.

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