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Forces of Darkness

Mark on 10-31-2015
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” The Personal Underworld is where the spooky things live. It is where fear takes form and nightmares tug at our perceptions. The material of this non-physical reality is indeed the stuff of nightmares: repressed memories of negative events, forgotten aspects of personality we would rather not address right now, thank you, and deeper and deeper, until we reach the worst of the worst: The Negative Persona. This is the etheric vessel that holds all of the shameful memories, all of the negative emotions from the perceived failures of a lifetime.

Darkness to Light
Surprisingly, Seth suggests that it is from this negative material - the worst of the worst - that we humans literally create our Positive Realities as we awaken. These are the images, memories, thoughts and emotions that we acknowledge and heal in the awakening process. Poison into Medicine, Darkness into Light; are the relevant metaphors as we heal the negative experiences of the past NOW.

Negative Gods
The Personal Underworld is the purview of the so-called "negative" gods and goddesses. Of course we know and adore the positive non-physical beings: The Master Jesus, the Angels and Fairies, the friendly mythological beings from our childhood stories. But the dark goddesses and gods are less popular in the normal scheme of things. It is only at this time of year - during Halloween - that many of us feel we can take a look at this side of the personality. Yet it is a very superficial examination, usually. We may "pretend" we are Satan for the day, dress up in the costume and carry a pitchfork to the party. But how many of us attempt to exorcise the demons from their hiding places within our memories, and allow the integration of these energies into the personal identity through catharsis? We pretend to be afraid of the little zombies at the door, yet ignore the suggestion that is quite obvious in the drama... What about death? Are you trying to tell me that I too must die?

You are the Work
As the illustration above implies, the opportunity is always present for the explorer of consciousness to examine the flip-side of the personality and use that information. One brings light to the darkness during this examination. One finally feels, perhaps after decades of repression, the Negative Emotions living there. The Dark God/dess is invoked. The energies of transformation and healing are made available within the personal psyche.

Thinning of the Veils
Cultures around the world emphasize the importance of these observations concerning the dark side and death at this time of year. Mother Nature appears to be fading, to be dying away during Samhain, The Day of the Dead, Halloween. Rituals of death and rebirth are enacted by us, honoring this natural sequence of manifestation.

Your Imagined Death, is a powerful exercise from Seth's book, Seth on Death and the Afterlife. It is a type of Guided Meditation, in which you-the-reader are invited to experience your death. Given your personal history, religious upbringing and other knowledge of self, you would be the perfect one to predict what you might expect during and after the Transition. If you feel the need, now may be the perfect time to go on that journey.

Participating in the Drama
If you do take my advice, and you make an attempt to create the handshake with your flip-side, with your Negative Persona, you may regret it at first. It is painful. It is shameful. It is a low moment, and not fun at all. But the lasting effects are unmistakably positive.

And if you are reading this while in your Satan costume at the neighborhood party, you might want to find a nice quiet room to have your healing moment... :)
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