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Joy Healing

by Carol Joy
”hummingbird” What Is Joy Healing
Joy Healing is a powerful script which allows any individual to hit the re-set button on their internal programming. This script re-boots the individual into their original Realm of Joy. (Cultural programming has separated us from our natural sense of joy.)

Once this Realm is re-established, it becomes our background, our center and our foreground. Our path toward the Divine Life, the life that we were meant to lead during our time on Earth, becomes clear and uncluttered. Then our internal gifts of strength, wisdom, determination and insight become activated. Using these gifts will bring us self-acceptance, self-love and success. Ultimately, once initiated, we will experience love and compassion for ourselves and for others.

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How To Use Joy Healing
When you have obtained your Joy Healing script or the MP3 file:
- Have someone you know read the script to you.
- Or you can record the written script to your phone app or to any recording device.
- Or you can play the MP3 file you ordered.
Be sure the person reading the script to you is very open to the idea behind Joy Healing. They can read it over once or twice before reading it to you.

You can also read the script to yourself right before you take a nap or before you go to sleep for the night. The reading of the script is most effective when done in a quiet and relaxing environment. It takes at the most eight to ten minutes. (You may choose to sleep for a little while afterwards.)

The Results
The next day, after a full night's sleep, you will feel different. The energy that is at your center and that surrounds has shifted. Your connection is no longer to the mundane but often overwhelming problems of your world. Instead you feel relaxed and joyful. Anything is possible once again.

Often a major life shift will occur. A business path that previously had not existed opens up. A medical practitioner that helps you solve your health problems suddenly appears at the clinic you go to. A love relationship improves or new friends show up. It's all possible.

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