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Natural Time

Mark on 2-1-2016
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” There is a feeling I get when I hear the wind coming in off the lake, as it tumbles the treetops of pine and oak and makes its way up to our little property on the edge of the forest. At first it startles me, for this positive feeling of vitality and release is usually interrupting one of my negative digressions, in some way. It is amazing how often this happens. I will be sitting on the deck, on the verge of creating a funk by allowing some imagined slight to my ego ruin my day, and then the wind comes through and disturbs everything. Often I say to myself, "There it is," or maybe just, "Wow." And then it's over. If I was reading my notes, I would have to go about picking them up from the yard and organizing them again. So I do, laughing. "Hey," I sometimes say to myself, "that was an intervention from Mother Nature."

Moon Practice
Seth has a nice piece about the Moon and Natural Time in his latest book. Basically, he tells us that the moon is there, acting as a celestial timepiece; we may as well appreciate it and learn from it. In a way, as we pay attention to the moon, it begins to respond. This is just my personal experience. Your mileage may vary, as the saying goes. But I think that with my continuing focus on the moon, there has been created a very intimate relationship, here. When I am kept from my appointments with the moon, I feel that Lack. When I see her transparency in the daylight hours, I feel a sort of Longing. When I accidentally forget to commune with the moon, I feel somewhat ashamed. For what can be more important than this practice? That's a rhetorical question.

Natural Time
When I am observing the moon and musing on certain subjects, including my Issues and Lessons and possibly the great questions of our generation, I am embodying what Seth calls Natural Time. It is an altared state. It is a light trance state. I am not in tick-tock time, the time that dictates what time you must go to work. When I am communing with the moon I am outside of time as we may understand it.

Everything is Happening
Yes, pretty deep thought. I base these observations on Seth's concept that Everything is Happening. His theory of time includes concepts such as the Spacious Moment, the Moment Point and the Point of Power. The Spacious Moment is an altared state of consciousness, one in which you feel yourself as part of everything, of All That Is. That may be because in that moment of recognition, you ARE aware of your divinity. You are outside of tick-tock time during these altared states. The Moment Point is similar. It is a perspective in which you claim your power to create your reality, in the moment, in this moment right here. As you do, a Point of Power is created. For example: When I am communing with the moon, I am in Natural Time, experiencing the creative Moment Point. As I wake up momentarily to the difference between the two perspectives, tick-tock time and Natural Time, I realize that my power is available to me in the Natural Time consideration. So naturally I choose that. It is a choice. Having made that choice, inspiration comes. You realize you can create whatever you desire. With that comes the awesome responsibility to be Loving in your decisions to create. And that's it. That is Natural Time, the way that I see it. It is also a description of how to connect to the Ancient Wisdom communication stream.

Waking Up in the Moment
Of course, words cannot do justice to having the experience itself. That's what the new Seth books are for, I believe. Each book is geared toward helping the reader achieve a Momentary Awakening. Once that occurs, everything falls into place, in its own way and in its own time.

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