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by Mark on 9-19-2013
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” Are you awakening to your power? Or are you just trying to get along? Are you looking for your own answers to the mysteries of life? Or are you just quietly obeying orders, taking the safe way home, avoiding the risks necessary for personal transformation?

Each of us has the capacity to become an empowered human being. But the first step, according to Seth and many other teachers, is to drop the fear, including the fear of death, and replace it with its opposite: Courage. A tall order, you say?

Consider this article on Tibetan sage Sogyal Rinpoche in which he talks about transforming the fear of death. (go through the link for a free download of this brief interview)

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition death is the great teacher. "This dying forces you to look into yourself. And in this, compassion is the only way. Love is the only way," says Rinpoche.

Seth talks about a similar process that begins when the student looks within. At first they might not like what they see. Personal Issues are revealed that may cast the ego/intellect in a negative light. Shame, regret, despair and other emotional responses ensue. Then, in an instant, compassion presents itself. The student finds the power to forgive themselves. What follows may be a personal awakening through which this Loving Understanding is turned outward towards the world.

Admittedly this is a lot of ethereal thought to consider. And certainly the path is not always straight forward. The student stumbles on the way to Loving everyone and everything. But then, the one sure road back to awakening? "Courage and Loving Understanding are the answers to all of your questions," says Seth. .

Personal power has come to mean many things in the popular culture. You are promised this commodity as a reward for everything from eating a particular breakfast cereal to attending the latest motivational training conference. But do you get it? Do you receive the influx of power promised by the marketers? I would suggest you probably do NOT receive your dose of personal power, regardless of what product or service you are using. That is because personal power, in its essence, is ultimately the power of Love and the Courage to demonstrate that to yourself and others. This understanding comes after a thorough self-appraisal that includes an acceptance of your own eventual demise. It is not something you can buy or have given to you. It is something you do moment-to-moment to create peace in the private and collective worlds.

This post is based on Seth's concept of Personal Power that you can read about in his latest books.

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