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Mark on 12-3-2015
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” A trance is a trance is a trance... This is a saying popular with hypnotherapists. What it means is that for you the average person, any time you focus on something intently enough, you enter into a Trance State, of sorts. So from this perspective, the majority of human experiencing in the waking world is composed of various Trance States of consciousness. This sounds amazing, I know, but I believe it is true. We are all, for the most part, experiencing our lives from within different intensities of Trance consciousness.

In trance you are suggestible. In other words, if you are focusing on the tales of tragedy on the news or in a magazine, you are much more open to becoming emotionally involved in the sad stories than if you had your wits about you. This state of minimal awareness in which we are prone to doing what we are told and to not question authority, and to continue working at a job we hate, and so on, Seth calls the Common Trance. In the Common Trance, we create the status quo reality of the collectives of which we are a part. In a way, we automatically create our collective realities within our families, in the workplace, within cities, states and nations. We create from the subconscious mind without really thinking about it.

Meditation Prayer Visualization
Now let's talk about the Uncommon Trance. When we are experiencing our lives from what Seth calls the Higher Centers of Awareness, we have the assistance of the non-physical beings. We are not on our own here, attempting to maintain the status quo. No, in the Uncommon Trance we are actively engaging God/dess, Fairy, Angel, Elemental and our own personal pantheons of Spirit Guides in the creation of our realities. The mode of communication is different too. Rather than waiting for orders from the authorities on what to do, see and feel, we purposefully look for help from the Unknown Reality. We use prayer, meditation, visualization, invocations and other modes of communication to connect with the etheric beings and ask for cooperation in creating our world.

And here we are suggestible in another way. We are open to receiving impulses from the Higher Dimensional Beings. These communications take the form of "answers" to our prayers, advice on what to do in difficult circumstances, spontaneous healings and even intuitive understandings of which highway will take us safely to our destination.

While we are on the subject, I would like to mention that reverie is one of my favorite altared states. I find it to be almost perfect for my needs in creating a positive future intentionally. Now in reverie I am certainly not in the Common Trance. I would say that on the scale of Trance States, reverie is in between the Ordinary Trance of compliance, and quite close to the Uncommon Trance of magic, healing and a perception of the Ancient Wisdom. So while I am stilll working within the Ordinary Trance of the physical world - the "waking dream," so to speak - I am also bringing in the energies of the non-physical world through my overtures to the Divine (See the Calling in the Guides Ritual in all of Seth's new books.)

It is as though I have two documents on my word processor that I am working on at the same time. Multitasking, as Seth calls it. I have a light touch with the creation process while I am in reverie. You might call it intense visualization, with the added Feeling Tone of ecstasy.

Be Your Awakening
I encourage you to try reverie as an altared state. I am sure it will become a favorite for you in your studies as a Scientist of Consciousness. To that end, I will share another saying from hypnotherapy that I enjoy, it is a self-suggestion that you might want to employ. "I am cool, calm, collected, relaxed, focused and connected." See you in the dream...

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