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Seth Returns History

Who is Seth?

Seth is a metaphysical Entity who inhabits dimensions beyond our Third-Dimensional Reality. You could say that he resides in our future and from that unique perspective he can observe and comment with uncanny insight upon our activities here on Earth.

Seth is a Being of Light returning from the future to warn us of what lies ahead. He has a witty sense of humor. He can be very loving and compassionate. He is very prolific. He has written more than 15 books with Jane Roberts his First Subject, 1 book with his Second Subject Cas Smith and 11 books with his Third Subject Mark Allen Frost.

Above all, Seth is an advocate for humanity. In his works over several decades, he has reminded us of our inner truth: that we are gods and goddesses and we are responsible for the creation of not only our Personal Realities but for the consensus world reality.

History of Seth Returns Publishing

From 2002 to 2019

SAN RAFAEL, CA MARCH 2002 It was a brisk March day in 2002 when I, Mark Allen Frost, received a call from a woman requesting a "past life" hypnotic regression. An appointment was made and the first session went quite well. Cas was an excellent hypnotic subject. She quickly and easily reached deep levels of relaxation and in no time at all, it seemed, she appeared to be experiencing a past life from centuries ago. She made an appointment for another session but during that following week she phoned me and asked an astonishing question. "Do you know of someone who calls himself Seth? Someone named Seth is contacting me in my meditations."

Excited, at her next appointment we attempted to bring Seth through with hypnosis. After a brief induction, Seth came through quite powerfully. "I am here," he said through Cas. "You asked for me and I am here." Mark asked Seth, "Are you the same Seth who once spoke through Jane Roberts?" "Indeed I am," he assured them. Cas and I and Seth began right away to hold sessions and gradually, over the course of a few months, the material was created for the 9/11 book. We thought the hard part was over but we were in for a painful learning experience.

San Rafael, CA July 2002 I naively thought that the publishers of New Age books would accept the book immediately and publish it. After all, this was the most famous of all the channeled sources, and he was a pioneer in the genre, selling millions of books before the other channelers had even introduced themselves to readers. One by one the mainstream publishers refused the book. Some quoted a passage in the old material in which Seth seems to say that he would not speak through any others but Jane Roberts. Also at this time, various Seth experts and fans of the old material chimed in with similar criticisms, denouncing the new messages. Fortunately Seth helped Cas and me carry on with "confidential information" that allowed us to see the true nature of these experiences. Apparently, all of us, including the naysayers, were simply learning the Lessons we have incarnated to learn.

San Rafael, CA March 2004 So we decided to self-publish the 9/11 book. I formatted it in publishing software, found a printer and the book was on its way to physical reality. Yet again we encountered some major obstacles. The printer took forever it seemed and during this time patience was stretched to the breaking point. Finally, Cas left the project to pursue other interests. I self-published the book and went on to help Seth create the second book, The Next Chapter in the Evolution of the Soul. This book is the first written entirely by Seth and myself. We are now collaborating on Book Three in the series, Communications from Seth on the Awakening of Humanity, to be published around the first of the year 2007. Three more books are in the planning stages.

Kelseyville, CA February 2009 Book Three is complete and is now available in eBook format and in 6?X9? Paperback. Seth's readers can order Thought Reality as well as 911: The Unknown Reality of the World and The Next Chapter in the Evolution of the Soul from the site in both formats.
Kelseyville, CA January 2010 Seth and Mark are completing four more books at Seth Returns. The Trilogy consists of three short volumes: Mystery Civilizations, Soul Mate Soul Family, and All That Is. The Trilogy should be released in February 2010. Seth A Multidimensional Autobiography should be released in the Spring of 2010.

Kelseyville, CA April 2010 The Trilogy was published as eBooks early this month. On the 16th the first two volumes of the series were published as paperbacks, and will be available worldwide in about a week. Soul Mate Soul Family will be published as a paperback in about two weeks and will be available worldwide in about three weeks.

Kelseyville, CA March 2011 Seth - A Multidimensional Autobiography is now available as an eBook from our website or as a paperback from our website, through Amazon or on order from your local bookstore.

Kelseyville, CA October 2011 We published Resonance - Manifesting Your Heart's Desire. We have availability in Australia now through Ingram Distributing.

Kelseyville, CA January 2012 We have just published the Seth Forecast for 2012 and Beyond in eBook format. Seth is now working on two more books: Love Being - Waking Up in the New Consciousness, to be published in Late Spring 2012 and Seth on Death and the Afterlife, to be published in 2013.

Kelseyville, CA July 4 2012 Seth Returns Publishing releases Seth's latest book today, Love Being - Waking Up in the New Consciousness.

Kelseyville, CA May 15 2013 Mark and Seth are working on several ongoing projects: The Seth Book of Natural Healing, The Seth Book of Abundance, The Visionary Leader, The Reality Creator's Handbook and last, but certainly not least, if you get my meaning, Seth on Death and the Afterlife.

Kelseyville, CA June 16 2013 Seth Returns now offers the Seth Personalized Precept Guided Meditation on mp3. The client participates with Seth and Mark to create the personalized Precepts/suggestions that are then recorded onto an mp3 file with music, effects, subliminals and Binaural Beats. Other formats are in the works.

Kelseyville, CA July 22nd 2013 Seth Returns now offers the Seth Reality Change CDs. Your choice of seven different Guided Meditations on Health, Abundance, Awakening, Soul Mates, Past Lives, Healing Trauma and Weight Control. Other formats are in the works.

Kelseyville, CA August 21st 2013 Seth Returns now offers the Seth Reality Change CDs in three more formats: Restful Sleep, Pain Relief and Habit Clearing. Other formats are in the works.

Kelseyville, CA September 19th 2013 We have added three more titles to our collection of Seth Reality Change CDs. Now Seth's students can acquire the tools to lead a Magical Life, contact the Dream Self and embody the archetype of the Wounded Healer: Other formats are in the works.

Kelseyville, CA August 9th 2014 We have just published Seth on Death and the Afterlife as a paperback and eBook and The Reality Creator's Handbook as an eBook only.

Kelseyville, CA December 10th 2014 We have just published The Reality Creator's Handbook as a paperback. This title is also available as an eBook from this website.

Kelseyville, CA June 1st 2015 For the past few months we have participated in many New Age festivals throughout California. We plan to move into other states in the US in the last half of the year. Also, we are working on two new Seth Books: The Seth Book of Dreams and The Seth Book of Natural Healing. If you would like to participate in these two new projects, drop us a line through this the contact page of this website.

Kelseyville, CA February 2016 We are now busily booking venues to showcase Seth and Mark Allen Frost. Also we are well into creating The Visionary Chronicles - An Interdimensional Autobiographical Novel and Prophecy. Seth is enjoying our regular Webinars that we create on different aspects of the new material.

Kelseyville, CA March 2017 We just published The Visionary Chronicles eBook. We will not publish TVC in paperback form. Our readers are giving us good reviews.

Kelseyville, CA January 2018 Fine tuning The Virtual Guy screenplay. Looking for producers, actors and donors. Scheduled to shoot in 2020.

Kelseyville, CA June 2019 The Seth Activations Project is almost complete. We will begin offering the Activations on June 21st. Also on that date we will film our first Waking Moments episode for our YouTube page.

Kelseyville, CA December 2020 Our focus for the year has been on our phone clients, primarily our ongoing customers of some years but also new clients referred from our Coast to Coast AM appearance.

Kelseyville, CA December 2021 The pandemic has caused a bump up in business. Many are interested in what is really going on, from a Sethian perspective. Seth tells them.

Kelseyville, CA November 2022 Seth Returns has enjoyed a steady business over 2022. Our long-time customers are providing their support. We have begun serialization of Seth's latest - The Speaker - on this website. Celebrating 20 years with Seth!

Kelseyville, CA April 2023 New projects at Seth Returns include Joy Healing Coaching offered by Carol Joy and a series of Master Classes offered by Mark. Celebrating 21 years with Seth!

Stay Tuned!

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