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The Divine

by Mark on 5-1-2015
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” Ah, the Divine. The phrase invokes positive emotions, images and notions. Religious panoramas may play upon the inward eye with memories of prayers answered and faith demonstrated. But from whence comes all of this emotion, imagery and ideas?

Private and Collective Expression
According to Seth, we create our personal realities. Therefore, our private views are quite naturally manifested at the center of our world, in the form of Reality Constructs of various types, including spiritual practices and religions. And we are also influenced by our collectives. So if I am an African, let's say, living in my tribal culture, it would be the most natural thing in the world for me to conceive of my goddess or my god as a spider, an animal, or an element. Over the generations, it was decided that these forms best represented our collective view of the Divine. These forms are imprinted in our DNA as we worship the Divine as our ancestors did over generations past. New scientific research backs up this claim, by the way.

A Generalist Spirituality
In our modern culture, Seth has noted a phenomenon he calls the growth of a Generalist Spirituality. He has described this as an amalgam of thoughts, beliefs and images that best represents the collective modern human's idea of spirituality. It has at its base the precept, You create your reality. It is in fact based on the perennial philosophy: that idea that stands at the heart of all religions. This new form seems to have evolved out of this melting pot of ideas and ideals that constitutes the spiritual practices of modern humans. A little bit of each religion is represented in this construct. Seth says, that, the parts that work, the magic elements, these are kept, and what does not work, the dogma, let us say, is rejected.

Creating your Pantheon
So keeping the magic, and rejecting the "filler" added by priests and other intermediaries over the years, empowers the individual practitioner to create for themselves something unique and also something very powerful, very magical. Each of us modern practitioners creates a pantheon of worship-able objects, images and ideas. Each expression is completely individual to the individual, as Seth would say. In other words, your pantheon is not my pantheon, and so on, and so on.

All That Is
In his book All That Is, the first book in the Trilogy, Seth talks about the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Yes, you are you, Dear Reader, as you read the words on this page or hear the spoken narrative, even as you are these evolved masters of creation, the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Previously we have noted that, as a reader of my works, you ally with the Seth Entity. You give the Seth Entity energy in this exchange, just as the Seth Entity gives you energy. In a similar way, the masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy are informed, energized, and enlightened by your input, just as you may become so through the exchange of energies. In reading these works, in experiencing the Holographic Inserts I am transmitting to your consciousness, in opening yourself up to these benevolent communication streams, you are changed.

Mystery Civilizations
In the second book in the Trilogy, Seth talks about our association with whales and dolphins throughout time. Here is an excerpt from Mystery Civilizations.

The animal and the human are connected. In this case, the human and dolphin and whale are all on this same continuum throughout time, throughout space as you know it. You could say that a "fragment" of the human consciousness of the Atlantean explorers exists within the collective consciousness of the dolphin and the whale. This was true then. This is true now. This is true in your perceived future. Your modern day admirers of the dolphins and whales as "teachers" within non-physical reality are remembering these linkages from their perceived past. Currently these essential relationships exist for you and may be used as gateways to a greater understanding of your world and the world of the animal.

Soul Mate Soul Family
In his third book in The Trilogy, Seth talks about the probability of connecting to any human, alive or dead.

Here is an excerpt from Soul Mate Soul Family, the third book in the Trilogy.

You ARE connected to all of humanity, past, present, and future. You ARE composed of holographic material that experiences consciousness everywhere at all times. The collective manifestation of this material is All That Is. This is our working model for the creation of human beings everywhere, at all times, by evolutionary consciousness. Given this, can you-the-reader sense how it may be possible to assume the perspective of ANY human, living or dead, simply by using your Intent, your Divine Will? Indeed, I must say that this procedure is at the base of all of our explorations in the new material.

The Altar
On my altar I have representatives of the Spiritual Hierarchy, whale and dolphin consciousness, pictures of my ancestors and of powerful magicians and practitioners from the past. These representations help me to focus on my spiritual practice. I believe that I am in contact with these personalities as I go about my personal awakening in my current existence. This is the personal pantheon of a modern generalist spiritual practitioner.

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