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The Future Self

by Mark on 1-8-2015
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” One of the more challenging concepts in the Seth Teaching, I think, is the idea of Future Lives. Many of us now accept the notion of Past Lives and the theory of reincarnation that supports it, but it does seem to be too far of a stretch to consider future lives. How are we supposed to think of future lives, when most of us have enough trouble dealing with the current one?

Current Self
According to Seth, your current self or identity can be described as a "performance," a performance by your greater self tailored specifically for the present moment manifestation of you in your life. But you are also experiencing other lives that exist in past timeframes, and also, incredibly, in future timeframes. As a matter of fact, also according to Seth, it is from your past and future lives that your greater identity - what Seth calls the Oversoul - chooses those aspects of personality, emotion and thought to use in the creation of your current self. So you are already your Futures Self, to some degree, now in this moment.

Current Selves
The same holds true for your other reincarnational lives. All of your other lives are also involved in this complex creative dynamic of selecting which aspects to focus on in the manifestation of their Moment Points of self in their separate current lives. YOU, then, are this great performance piece of All That Is NOW. And you are also the separate individual performances of identity co-existing in South America in the 1200's, for example, in Europe during the Renaissance, or even in the future, centuries from now, as Seth has described in his book, Seth - a Multidimensional Autobiography.

The New Science Model
If you need a Sethian explanation of how the Simultaneous Lives manifestation works, I think that his New Science Model from his book Thought Reality fills the bill. On the physical level, the Consciousness Units of which your lives and everything else are composed, are telepathic and holographic. Each contains "the all" within it. Each has the capacity, somewhat like a universal stem cell, to become anything in your reality. Each is in contact telepathically with all of the others. And so under the observing eye of the Oversoul, your Higher Centers of Awareness, you and your other lives put together your separate identities and bodies from the stuff of your collective consciousnesses, i.e., all of your consciousnesses combined. On page 150 of the first book, 911: The Unknown Reality of the World, you can see Seth's illustration of how this works. The Oversoul literally flashes in and out of all of your lives, manifesting as itself within your many lifetimes. As Seth has stated it, "You are connected to all of your lives through the current Moment Point of your experience. The CU's connect you to all of the other "you's," you see."

A Useful Concept?
But how is this "useful to the common citizen", as Seth would put it? In my opinion, because we are connected, sort of hard-wired to these other lives, we have the potential to learn from them. The image above reflects a progressed self, a self of loving presence, innocence, perfection and even power. These are desirable personality aspects. Perhaps my Future Self can advise me on how to attain these attributes. What does it take to BE this ideal Future Self? Theoretically I suppose, in my meditation, I could connect with my version of the perfected Future Self, and perhaps download the instructions needed to put me on the road to that stage of development. It makes sense. If that Future Self represents my perfected identity, one that may not exist for many years, perhaps even hundreds of years, it would have a great deal of useful information for me. Don't you think?

Scientist of Consciousness
When we act as Scientists of Consciousness, and explore these uncharted waters of identity, we are always breaking new ground, to mix my metaphors a bit. These are always very personal journeys, different from any other psychic journeys anyone has taken, and yielding discoveries that are intensely personal. It may be difficult to put it into words so that others may understand. The important value gained by making the effort, I think, is always anecdotal: how you felt when you contacted these other aspects of identity, what came up for you with regards to your Issues and Lessons, your personal experiences. It may be quite difficult to validate this information so that others believe you. But the point is, to learn from these explorations.

As Seth said some time ago: "Your mission is not to convince others that your visions are true, but to take in this information and use it to evolve your Soul. Others who have awakened themselves will see the validity of your experiences in the transformation of your identity."

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