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by Mark on 6-1-2015
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” My recurring dream is always the same: I am riding my bicycle through the neighborhood of my youth. I am having a good time, saying hello to my friends as I pass them by. Then, by pedaling faster, I find that I can lift myself upward. I pedal even faster and my bike takes me up, up and away into the sky. It's a very powerful dream.

Power and Freedom
Seth might say that the Feeling Tone of power and freedom that I felt during the dream was the message. But Seth would also say, I think, that there was something else going on in the dreamstate, something besides the symbolic dream of power...

The Etheric Body
According to Seth, during the dreamtime we do a lot of traveling. We often visit other locales on earth, what some call the Astral Plane, other planets and even sites in other systems of reality that defy description. Our Etheric Body is our vehicle in the dreamtime and we use it to take care of all sorts of business while we sleep. And our personal consciousness uses the symbols, thoughts and feelings that are known to it, to signify when it is traveling into the etheric world. For me, this accounts for my choice of the bike ride to portray my Astral Traveling. Dreams of flying and ecstatic liberation are the way my consciousness identifies itself as "in transit."

A Rationale for the Irrational
Of course it's preposterous, but nonetheless, my experience over the years has proven to me that my dreamtime activities are quite extensive, and travel into other dimensions is very often on the itinerary. How is such a thing so?

As Seth would say, everything in our system, including our physical bodies, is made of the same "stuff." Consciousness Units are the energetic building blocks of all realities, of all reality constructs. The CU's are telepathic and holographic. Thus, we are one with everything. He uses this proposition to explain our abilities, as human beings, to connect with anyone or thing throughout time and space, during waking reality or while asleep. It is within this Etheric Body that our consciousness explores non-physical reality during sleep. But according to Seth, we also vacate the physical body and send our Spirit out on missions of various kinds during the waking state, even as we may be discussing a pertinent matter with a friend on the phone or walking alone in a park somewhere.

Astral Travel
In his book The Next Chapter in the Evolution of the Soul, Seth talks about dreams and Astral Travel.

The experience of Astral Travel, as some have called it, is quite common among you. It is a refreshing experience, after having say, engaged in a difficult day at your job, to simply cast off from the physical, as I said, even while engaged in other activities with your fellow humans, and travel the subtle levels.


Astounding as it may be to some readers, this type of thing goes on continuously in your own private lives. You "leave the body," to coin one of your phrases, and travel inter-dimensionally to participate in these activities. Often you can do so while carrying on a conversation with one of your fellow humans and appear quite normal. Your eyes may glaze over a bit, an indication that you are traveling and experiencing other timeframes.

Thought Reality
In his third book with us, Seth talks about how to connect to the Gestalt of Consciousness within non-physical reality that he calls Spontaneous Healing. Here is an excerpt from Thought Reality.

Perhaps you will tune-in with your Metaphorical Tools, guided by the Loving energies emitted by this Energy Body. Perhaps you will "travel" to this Gestalt of Consciousness in a metaphorical vehicle of some sort, or simply within the Astral Form as you call it. The non-physical body is always available for conveying your consciousness to any location in non-physical and physical reality. Simply imagine it to be and it will be so.

Seth on Death and the Afterlife
In his book on death, Seth talks about how the present moment identity of you-the-reader is in constant flux, as your consciousness travels to your many Simultaneous Lives and returns with information, images, ideas and emotions to add to the mix of your identity.

Here is an excerpt from Seth on Death and the Afterlife.,

As you may know, your current identity is in fact, a type of mix-and-match expression from your greater consciousness. By this I mean, you are constantly selecting from your Simultaneous Lives, the aspects of personality, mood, and essence that you will use to create the next moment of your identity in the Third Dimension.

Busy Busy Consciousness
What I get from all of this is that our consciousness is ALWAYS traveling. Parts of our identity are always flying off to gather material even as we are otherwise engaged in the mundane activities of existence, but particularly while we sleep and dream. I think that gaining conscious control over these abilities can help us shed light on such phenomena as OOBE's, shamanic journeying, remote viewing and even bilocation, the apparent ability of a human to appear in two different locations in physical reality at the same time. Oh boy, more preposterous possibilities to explore!
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