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Your Awakening is at Hand

Mark on 10-16-2016
”Eddi-van-W-on-Flickr” Are you always the seeker?

Try finding.

I am not being flippant. Are you constantly flipping through spiritual books, looking for the passage that will fill the bill for you, metaphysically? Do you dip your toes into one spiritual pursuit, quickly lose interest and move on to the next program, religion or system?

The act of searching implies looking FOR something, as in, I am looking for my keys. It means that you have not yet found your keys. If you are always the seeker, doesn't that mean that you are always looking for the Truth, abundance, enlightenment, awakening, and so on, and never finding it?

The Cosmic Joke
One night a man was searching through some bushes under a bright street light. A fellow across the street called out to him, asking him what he was doing. The man replied, "I lost my wallet a couple of blocks that way." Confused, the man across the street asked him why he was not searching down the street where he lost his wallet. The man answered, "The light is better here."

And in his very funny and profound book Mind Swap, author Robert Sheckley describes the Juan Valdez Theory of Searches. Rather than going out and looking for something, he suggests that you stay right where you are and wait for the thing to appear.

The Inside Job
Now, neither one of these two methods makes any sense, at least on the conscious level. But they make all the sense in the world on the level of the intuition, or what Seth calls the Inner Senses. For if our physical existence on Earth, as Seth and others have pointed out, is simply theater for the Soul - a representation of All That Is or Spirit in corporeal form - should it not be possible to create an awakened consciousness right where we are now? We are reality creators, so should we not be able to find or create awakening when and where we wish? Or do we need to go the Himalayas and meditate in a cave for 20 years first?

The Easy Way Out
As we look for self-realization and meaning in our lives, as we go on a path of awakening, I think it's only natural to avoid the negative facts about ourselves and our world. We are all afraid of the dark, at least in the beginning. We would much rather avoid the negative aspects of personality and our culture and search for a practice that doesn't demand that type of thorough cultural and self-introspection: something more passive, perhaps. But at the fork in the metaphysical road, most of us are confronted with our slacker tendencies and become motivated to do the hard work of self-discovery.

Pun Power
If you examine the picture above, you see that enlightenment appears in the palm of the observer's hand. The title is a pun - Your Awakening is at Hand, meaning, imminent and also meaning literally in your hand. As a pun, it forces you out of rational thinking, into irrational, intuitive, awakening thinking. It is a distraction from searching, thinking that your Truthful awakening is elsewhere, that compels you to perhaps see the Truth right in front of you, right within you. See the Humor Page on this website for more information.

Crazy Wisdom
As Seth says, "the intellect will only take you so far in your search for Truth." The huge discoveries come as you examine the Negative Persona. As you do, you will be obliged to go within, uncover your unsavory aspects and look them in the eye. Then you will transform them - turn Poison into Medicine. As you let go of the need to look for your awakening on the outside, and look instead on the unsavory elements on the inside, perhaps you will discover, like Juan Valdez did on HIS Path to Enlightenment, that The Awakening has found YOU. More later...!

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